AMBER — s/t MC

NAR 049

Record Details


This is a repress of ambers self released CD from the band earlier this year. 5 songs in 35 minutes! AMBER are from Marburg (Germany) playing epic post-rock with heavy sludge parts and deep atmospheric melodies with apocalyptic vocals like CULT OF LUNA, ENVY or ISIS. the tape is a co-release of HALO OF FLIES (USA) and NARSHARDAA (GERMANY)! Right now, AMBER are recording five new songs which will be released in spring 2013! for this Tape-Release there will be a special limited Pre-Order Package (Tape + Shirt) of 25 copies over Narshardaa and 25 copies over Halo Of Flies. So hurry up!

Facts and Figures

  • 200 copies made
  • 5 songs in 35 minutes
  • Pro-duplicated
  • 4 panel j-card
  • Limited pre-order package of 50 pieces (TAPE and T-Shirt – All sizes are possible!)
  • Release Date: 01 January 2013