HEXIS — s/t 12″

NAR 048

Record Details

Black Metal, Post-Hardcore

Finally HEXIS recorded this 4-songs back in 2010. They only got released on a 3inch-CD and Tape so far. Now we are happy to release them on vinyl ! HEXIS are from Copenhagen (Denmark) and are playing grinding Black-Metal/Post-Hardcore for fans of CELESTE, SHORA, AMENRA etc…

This release comes on a one-sided 12inch with a nice etching on the b-side and is a co-release with narshardaa records (germany), shove records (italy) and bookhouse records (usa). Total pressing of 500 records. 100 on white Vinyl and 400 on black Vinyl.

Facts and Figures

  • 100 copies on white Vinyl
  • 400 copies on black Vinyl
  • Full Colour and Heavy Jacket
  • B-side with etching
  • Co-release with SHOVE (Italy) and BOOKHOUSE (USA)
  • Release Date: 20 December 2012
  • 1. Repress: March 2014: 100 copies on half white/half black Vinyl.
  • 2. Repress: August 2014: 100 copies on 180gr. clear Vinyl
  • 3. Repress: February 2016: 100 copies on 180gr. half clear/half black
  • 4. Repress: August 2017: 100 copies on 180gr. half clear/half white