rýr “left fallow” LP/CD


Record Details

post-metal, instrumental post-rock, atmospheric postmetal, postmetal, postrock

rýr (islandic: barren, sparse, weak) is an instrumental post-metal band from Berlin, Germany. “left fallow” combines crushing and heavy riffs with spherical clean sounds in a non-standard yet intuitive way to balance different sets of emotions within individual songs. The concept of the band is to create diverging spheres in a simple and abstract way that is best suitable for being performed in an absorbing live environment. The six songs are perfectly filling over 50 minutes of an auditive journey.

Total pressing of 300 records: 100 on black vinyl and 100 on ultra clear vinyl with black smoke and 100 on white vinyl with black splatter. All records come on 180gr. vinyl.

Facts and Figures

  • 100 copies on black Vinyl
  • 100 on ultra clear vinyl with black smoke
  • 100 on white vinyl with black splatter
  • All Vinyl on 180gr.
  • 10 Test Pressings were made
  • Full Colour and heavy jacket
  • CD comes as a 4-panel digipack
  • including downloadcode
  • Release Date: 10.01.2020