NAR 023

Record Details

Hardcore, Punk

Record Tracklist

  1. -:-- / 2:32

Nice dark and heavy apocalypstic hc/punk which reminds us of old Narshardaa-releases like Arsen and Angstzustand includes modern HC like, Old Man Gloom, Coliseum or Isis meets old hc like His Hero Is Gone or Union of Uranus. There are tons of bands playing a similar style today, but for us Planks are one of the very very very few that matter.

Facts and Figures

  • Release Date: 4 August 2008
  • 500 copies pressed; 100 on green vinyl, the rest on black
  • Mastered by the amazing James Plotkin (Khanate / mastering for Isis, B.SON, Omega Massif etc.)
  • Full-colour and heavy jacket and heavy insert