ORTEGA — The Serpent Stirs 12″

NAR 051

Record Details

Sludge, Doom

Ortega is a four-piece sludge/doom collective from the north of The Netherlands. Four men tell a tale of the sea. The sound is described as dark metal balanced with spheric soundscapes together with slow and heavy riffs. ORTEGA returns with their longest output so far, clocking over 18 minutes of psychedelic doom. The Serpent Stirs is a sonic voyage. A trial of battles with inner demons, which binds us in our mind.

This release is a one-sided 12inch with a great etching on the b-side. Total pressing of 300 records. 100 on CLEAR Vinyl, 100 on GREEN Vinyl and 100 on RED Vinyl.

Facts and Figures

  • First pressing: 100 copies on clear Vinyl, 100 copies on red Vinyl, 100 copies on green Vinyl
  • 10 test pressings were made
  • Full Colour and Heavy Jacket with a lovely insert
  • B-side with etching
  • Including Download Code
  • Release Date: 01 April 2013
  • Second pressing: 200 copies on amber-hazed Vinyl
  • Third pressing: 100 copies on dark red Vinyl (with a new cover featuring inside out printing)