LIBYANS — s/t Discography LP

NAR 032

Record Details

Hardcore, Punk

Libyans are from Boston, MA and play snotty and melodic hardcore punk. Pulling various influences from Cock Sparrer to the Avengers to Career Suicide. Their music is raw and poppy at the same time while not leaning too much toward either side.

This LP features almost everything they have released so far including both 7inches, their 12inch and a song from the Too Circle Records – HC/Punk compilation. The band wants to come and tour Europe early next year after raising peoples attention with this release and an interview in the new issee of the glory Three Chords Zine.

Facts and Figures

  • Release Date: 15 August 2009
  • 100 copies on blue Vinyl
  • 400 copies on black Vinyl
  • MP3-download included in all records.