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LENTIC WATERS “bird” LP vinyl (NAR 074)

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Now we will start the PRE-ORDER for the newest Narshardaa band LENTIC WATERS from Muenster, Germany. Lentic Waters are back with a new record. But now everything is different. No hard music anymore, No screaming vocals. Reminds me of the beginning of my label where we released bands like Meneguar or Teenage Cool Kids. The Band itself said a big inspiration were bands like Pygmy Lush, Built to Spill, Pinbac or Modest Mouse. This record is a co-release between I CORRUPT Records (GER), MIDDLE MAN Records (USA), IFB Records (USA) and NARSHARDAA Records (GER). Limited to 300 copies.

Facts and Figures

  • 100 copies on black Vinyl
  • 100 copies on white Vinyl
  • 100 copies on a-side/b-side black with white vinyl mixed
  • 5 Testpressings were made
  • including downloadcode
  • Release Date: March 22th 2019

The Band & THe Release

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