RESPIRE “Dénouement” LP


Record Details

Punk, HC, Screamo, Crust,

RESPIRE from Canada is releasing the new record “Dénouement” on a vinyl LP record. Releasedate will be june 15th 2018!

Dénouement is an 8 song, 37 minute collection written and recorded in a year marred by the toils of addiction…The songs are as follows:

1. Bound
2. Haunt
3. Shiver
4. Bloom
5. Catacombs
6. Virtue
7. A Heart Still Pines
8. Dénouement

The LP will be released through Zegema Beach Records, Middle-Man Records, Dingleberry records and distribution, and Narshardaa Records. Vinyl release will be on June 15. Digital release May 1. Pre-Order starts may 1st 2018 ! more infos soon !
Thank you.