PRE-ORDER :: Affenmesserkampf “doch” Tape :: FREE SHIPPING offer :: EKRANOPLAN LP/CD Pre-Order still available


AFFENMESSERKAMPF “doch” Tape for PRE-ORDER now !!!

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Now we will start the PRE-ORDER for the AFFENMESSERKAMPF “doch” Tape! In cooperation with BLACK CAT TAPES. Limited to 100 copies. Releasedate: 06.01.2017

The Ekranoplan LP/CD pre-order is still available too.

Ekranoplan from Jena, Germany with members of Hungry Lungs & doom giants AHAB unleash their new full-lenght record. Nine songs of grindcore, d-beat and sludge filled with filth, hatred and low-fi energy. expect a bastard of icy sludge, raging crust and precise grindcore annihilation. The russian artist Rotten Fantom painted an outstanding artwork for the album.

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FREE SHIPPING :: for all lovers who will order more than 100 Euro, there will be free shipping worldwide! code: FREESHIPPING

The Band & THe Release


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